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Digital Brilliance Found Off The Beaten Path
- Riding Magazine

Having the hottest high tech digital photography equipment is nice, but it’s not worth much without the know how to use it.

Tom & Darlene of Off The Beaten Path Digital Event Photography in San Jose bring exactly that to the party.

They both come from 25-plus years of high-tech backgrounds, with 15 years in film photography and 4 years in digital photography.

In the digital world, you must have not only the best equipment but also the computer knowledge and expertise to tie it all together.

The result says the couple, is on site event photography of unequalled quality.

We have the absolute best and most up-to date equipment and professionally trained digital photographers on staff to shoot multiple events concurrently.

All photos taken are displayed within minuets on a flat screen monitor throughout the event for all to see.

We are very flexible and encourage our customers to make creative requests regarding how they want their photo cropped, and/or design touches like special backgrounds.

We are willing to take the extra time for and with our customers, the ‘fine touch,’ the one that will make sure we put that smile on their face when they look at their photo.

All photos, collages and CD’s are printed on-site, as requested. You can take them home with you or have them mailed if you prefer.

Tom & Darlene enjoy “blazing our own trail” in the ever-changing digital world of photography.

We really don’t have anyone to follow, It’s our plan and our vision.

We would really like to Thank our family and devoted friends for their support during our growing pains.

The couple says the quality of their work is matched only by the quality of their customer care.

On every project the bottom line is “to make sure our clients walk away with a smile!”

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